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联合早报 2020-05-25 (Zaobao link)

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According to OECD, the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) conducted last year reports that teachers work an average of 46 hours a week, in which 7.5 hours are spent on marking assignments.

Lu Jia Hui (31y/o) founded Getmarked, an AI startup to help alleviate and reduce the time spent on marking thereby creating capacity in teachers.

By providing an answer key and uploading the scanned assignments onto the Getmarked's website. Getmarked is able to use AI to identify and automate the marking for MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks and various other worksheets and print the markings back onto the original assignment. However, there must be a objective scoring rubric thus there are certain limitations on subjects such as literature.

"We seek the keep the marking process as close to the original ("marking-by-hand") as possible, where teachers have the freedom to set the scoring rubric, comment on student's answer and even have the flexibility of choosing which questions to mark" said Mr Lu during the interview. Having spent half a year as a relief teacher in a primary and secondary schools in Singapore, Mr Lu understands that marking forms a big part of the teachers' workload but there is currently no available tool in the world to aid teachers in the marking handwritten paper based assignments.

Corrections and doing revision forms an important part of learning. In the coming June, Getmarked would be looking to work with local primary schools for their pilot. The AI automated marking system is expected to become more "intelligent" and effective as more data is collected over time.

According to Mr Lu, while it takes Getmarked's AI marker 1-2 mins to mark every page, which might not be faster than marking by hand, it is with externalising the time teachers spend on marking that we create capacity in teachers for classroom innovations.

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教师在输入标准答案后,将作业扫描上传至云端即可。即便是选择题、填空题等不同的体型,GetMarked都可以进行识别, 让人工智能自动批改,最后可直接打印在学生作业上。但人工智能需要明确的评分标准, 语言类和人文类科目的作业在这方面有所局限。

“我们想尽量保留教师原有的批改作业方式,教师可以自由设定评分标准、评语,哪些题目不要批改,这些都是灵活的。” 吕佳辉受访说, 他曾在本地的中小学担任过半年的代课老师,了解到老师批改作业是一项巨大的工作量,但目前市面上却没有任何协助教师批改手写作业的工具。


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