Automate the marking of your paper based worksheets.

Your time is your greatest asset, don't spend hours marking by hand when artificial intelligence can do it for you.

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Mark in minutes, not hours.

Teachers in Singapore spend one work day (7.5hrs) marking every week. What could be possible for you if that time is now freed up?

At GETMARKED we automate away the low value, tedious and repetitive aspects of marking so that teachers can live out their own mission.

Same results, only faster.

How does it work?

Scan the worksheets and get it marked automatically on our server. Use your existing worksheets with zero changes.
Review & Analyse
Review the marked worksheets.
Give comments on the students' work.
Analyse students' results with data.
Print the markings and comments back on to the original scripts and return it.

Automated marking with your existing worksheets

No modification to your existing worksheets is required. MCQs, modified cloze, cavendish maths, etc. can all be marked as long as the question has an objective answer.

modified_cloze sci_qns maths_problem

Zero change in classroom practices

The whole process is invisible to the students as the worksheet are still physically marked, just not by hand but with a printer.

Get data on your students' abilities

We automatically infer the concepts are being assessed so that teachers get insights on which concept competency students are weak at. This is on top of the general statistics captured.


Available on mobile. Anytime, anywhere

Review worksheets anywhere, even on the go so that commuting time on buses and trains becomes productive.

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