Frequently Asked Questions
Is my data safe on the platform?
Absolutely! We comply with all relevant guidelines found in MOE IT Security Specifications for Schools. You are not the product, we do not sell your data to any third parties. No ifs, no buts.
What language does the automated marking work on?
Currently, it only works on english.
What worksheet/question formats does getmarked supports?
We support almost all kinds of worksheet format. MCQs, modified cloze, cavendish workbook, etc. If your worksheet looks like it could come from one of the national exams, then our AI will most likely be able mark it automatically.
Does the automated marking work on advanced mathematical topics like differentiation and integration?
Yes. In the suggest answer scheme, teachers can express complex mathematical equations in the form of LaTeX. Even chemical equations can be marked.
How does getmarked handle the marking of scientific drawings? Like water cycle, graphs, lines of symmetry, etc.
Unfortunately, if there's no way for a teacher to express the answer in the answer scheme, then it can't be marked. Currently, we do not have a way for drawings to be expressed in text, unlike mathematical equations. However, the marking can stil be done manually by the teachers through our web platform so you can still save yourself work.
Can I choose for certain questions to not be marked?
Yes! This can be specified in the answer scheme.
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